About the Isaiah Berlin Association of Latvia

The Isaiah Berlin Association of Latvia was founded in 2011 to promote the ideas and values of Sir Isaiah Berlin, in particular by organising an annual lecture in his memory.

The honorary patron of the Association is Madame Vaira Viķē-Freiberga, president of The Republic Of Latvia from 1999 to 2007.

The executive members of the committee are Andris Aukmanis (head of the Soros Foundation Latvia) and Robert Cottrell (proprietor of Robert’s Books). Nils Muižnieks, of the University of Latvia, also served as a member of the committee, until his appointment in 2012 as Human Rights Commissioner at the Council of Europe.

Isaiah Berlin was born in Riga on 6 June 1909, at Alberta iela 2a.

The Soros Foundation, the European Commission Representation in Latvia and the British Embassy in Riga generously led the sponsorship of a celebration of Berlin’s centenary in Riga in 2009, at which Timothy Garton Ash delivered the first Memorial Lecture. The second lecture was delivered in 2010 by Anne Applebaum; and the third in 2011 by Ian Buruma.